Dawna Tenasserim

The Dawna Tenasserim is the single biggest hope for protecting the critical habitat of iconic species in Greater Mekong. However, the Dawna Tenasserim Landscape is breaking up.

Unsustainable land use planning, rampant wildlife poaching, bad infrastructure development, uncontrolled mining, little land governance, ample slash and burn practice, large industrial crop expansion are slowly choking the landscape, resulting in unprecedented deforestation, forest degradation and loss of critically endangered wildlife. Myanmar remains among top three countries in the world in deforestation after Brazil and Indonesia. Complex power dynamics between Karen National Union (KNU), ethnic group governing majority of DTL on Myanmar side, and Myanmar government, further perpetuates unplanned development and retards inclusive growth. The unsustainable and skewed economic growth this reason has seen in last few years has deteriorated DTL’s natural capital and provided little benefits to its communities. This doesn’t have to be this way. There is a unique opportunity and shared willingness and sense of responsibility among stakeholders to do things right in DTL.

The programme aims to develop a socially inclusive, low-emission, sustainable commodity production inside a carbon stock protecting, regenerating and connected DTL landscape with indigenous communities and iconic species populations as the ultimate beneficiaries.

Dawna Range
Sustainable production landscape