The Pacifico Norte landscape

The Choco-Darien is an extremely biodiversity rich region recognised for its mangroves, estuarine forests, lowland and montane rainforests. It has more than 7,500 species of plant, 700 butterflies, and more than 1,500 birds, as well as important populations of coastal species such as marine turtles and humpback whales.

It’s also a region of unique socio-cultural value, home to nine indigenous groups (who own 20% of the territory) and numerous Afro-decent communities (who own 60%). In addition, 13% is under strict protected area status. Therefore more than 80 percent of the territory falls under some type of environmental protection or community management category. Although large swathes of the Chocó Darien Ecoregion as a whole are highly threatened, the ecological integrity of the region remains largely intact: about 70% of the original forest cover remains extant (8,374,468 ha).

The Pacifico Norte landscape has been chosen within the Choco- Darien Ecoregion for the following reasons:

  • This landscape has been prioritized by multiple environmental assessments exercises, including terrestrial and coastal and marine approaches,
  • biodiversity richness,
  • ecological integrity,
  • connectivity,
  • environmental services provisions,
  • climate change vulnerability,
  • deforestation trends,
  • infrastructure projects and mining.
Catchment / basin management, REDD+, Integrated coastal zone management, Integrated water resources management, Ecosystem / forest restoration landscapes
Marine turtles and humpback whales
Gold, platinum, cocoa, coffee, timber and illcit crops.
Choco Darien has 17,000,000 ha in its entirety (11,130,00 ha in Colombia)