Western Georgia Forest Landscape Partnership

The Adjara mountains at the southern border of Georgia with Turkey hold the most biodiverse forests in the temperate world outside of the Himalayas. World Heritage listing is expected for this region in the next year. This program will build a community based landscape program that secures biodiversity, carbon storage and climate resilience while strengthening the local economy. Business opportunities will be developed for sustainable management of forests, renewable energy, agriculture and fisheries.

The Lab team supported WWF Caucasus to finalise a landscape concept, scoping presentation, stakeholder engagement workshops and a funding note. This engagement has now come to an end.

Regions of Adjara, Samtskhe Javakheti (part), Guria, Imereti (part). Adjara and Metskheti mountain range with Rioni, Supsa, Adjaristskali and Kvabliani river catchments.
Sustainable production landscape; Green economy jurisdiction
Sturgeon, Red Deer, Chamois, Brown Bear
Wood processing, Milk and Meat products, Hazelnuts, Non-timber forest products, Nature and heritage based tourism