A new path for the Lab

We’re aware that many of our friends and supporters may have missed this news, so incase you did we wanted to share this new journey for the Landscape Finance Lab while honouring our founding partner.

After 5 years of start up support by WWF, the Lab has systematised its operations and established a working model that is financially sustainable. In July 2021, the Lab became an independent non-profit organisation to advance new landscape methodologies, equip itself to engage in commercial deals, and create wider reaching partnerships to magnify landscape work. 

The Lab and WWF will continue to nurture the mutual bond and heritage through ongoing collaboration on key projects and knowledge sharing. An example of a current collaboration includes the Lab’s support of the DFCD portfolio in partnership with WWF Netherlands which has been renewed for 2022 (read more about this here).

We are proud to share the following results thanks to the support of WWF

  • Developed a pipeline of investable sustainable landscape valued in excess of $1bn, across 15 countries.
  • Initiated, designed and launched a series of landscape finance mechanisms including a $50m USD Fijian Matanaki Development Facility, and the Landscape resilience Fund from EIT Climate-KIC and South Pole.
  • Become a favoured implementation partner for development banks, including supporting 9 countries in the €160 Dutch Fund for Climate & Development
  • Co-Founded and now a core implementation partner for the 1000 Sustainable Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative, backed by 30 conservation organisations seeking to standardise and scale up the landscape finance practice and industry.
  • Managed a series of landscape sourcing partnerships with major corporates, including Michelin, H&M Group, Barry Callebaut and IKEA
  • Developed a robust learning platform with 1000+ members that includes a suite of publications, training modules and resources, and delivered bespoke training programmes in organisations such as WWF, the UN, FAO and Birdlife International
  • Developed and retained a strong management team with over 100 years of combined experience in sustainable landscapes, sustainable markets, conservation and community building.

Do get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with the Lab

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