Incubating and financing sustainable landscapes at scale

There has never been more money and political will for conservation and sustainability than in this decade. Yet investors and land managers still struggle to originate high-quality projects at landscape scale.

The Landscape Finance Lab (the Lab) bridges this gap by supporting practitioners and investors to incubate sustainable landscape solutions that will generate impacts at scale

After 5 years of incubation inside WWF, the Landscape Finance Lab has launched, designed, proven and systematised its operations and is ready to scale. In 2021, the Landscape Finance Lab is establishing as an independent not-for-profit in partnership with WWF.

Vision Co-creating 1000 sustainable landscapes for one billion people.

Mission To incubate and finance sustainable landscape programmes that deliver impact on the global goals


                                  • Structure high quality landscape programmes in global biodiversity priority places
                                  • Access innovative finance of +$50M for sustainable landscape programmes
                                  • Build the landscape finance industry, through learning and impact measurement


Sustainable landscapes: Full in-house landscape incubation services including mentoring, scoping, structuring, design and funding, together with advisory services for corporations, investors and civil society organisations.

Innovative financing: Advisory and delivery services covering the structuring of landscape investment portfolios and investment vehicles. Solutions draw upon philanthropic, impact, performance and full commercial financing.

Learning and impact: An online incubation platform provides access to tools, guidance, training and knowledge products, and enables peer and expert exchanges. Training services and bespoke learning communities are also provided for governments, corporates, investors and civil society organisations.

A partner-centered approach

The Lab is nimble, agile and flexible –these traits are among our most unique strengths. As part of a network of 30 conservation organisations in the 1000 Sustainable Landscapes Initiative, we draw upon some of the most experienced landscape and finance experts in the world to spur innovation and share knowledge to fine-tune our landscape methodology.

We also engage with external partners on every programme we develop and implement to ensure that the Lab produces outcomes that are collaborative and inclusive.

Committed to results

In the last five years, the Lab has remained committed to delivering tangible results, at scale. Amongst others, it has:

  • Developed a pipeline of investable sustainable landscape valued in excess of $1b, across 15 countries.
  • Either initiated, or designed and launched a series of landscape finance mechanisms including a $50m USD Fijian Matanaki Development Facility, and the Landscape resilience Fund from EIT Climate-KIC and South Pole.
  • Become a favoured implementation partner for development banks, including supporting 9 countries in the €160 Dutch Fund for Climate & Development
  • Co-Founded and is now a core implementation partner for the 1000 sustainable landscapes initiative, backed by 30 conservation organisations seeking to standardise and scale up the landscape finance practice and industry.
  • Managed a series of landscape sourcing partnerships with major corporates, including Michelen, H&M, Barry Callebaut and IKEA
  • Developed a robust learning platform with 1000+ members that includes a suite of publications, training modules and resources, and delivered bespoke training programmes in organisations such as WWF, the UN, FAO and Birdlife International
  • Developed and retained a strong management team with over 100 years of combined experience in sustainable landscapes, sustainable markets, conservation and community building.

2019 Annual Report

Annual Report 2019

Our latest Annual Report details the active landscapes we are currently incubating and the successful experiments we have run so far. The WWF Landscape Finance Lab works on the belief that restored landscapes will provide sustainable returns for people and nature.

Founding Partners and Supporters

The Lab is a WWF (the Worldwide Fund for Nature) founded initiative and made possible through support from Climate-KIC and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) from 2016-19.