Blueprints report for Bankable Nature Solutions

Building conservation and nature-based solutions into projects represents a massive opportunity. We need to work with companies, financial institutions and local stakeholders to develop Bankable Nature Solutions (BNS). This way, we can deliver impacts that reduce pressure on ecosystems, drive resilience and sustainability for both people and nature, while generating positive financial returns for communities and investors.

As part of an increasing effort to work under the umbrella of BNS to set up bankable projects across a wide array of landscapes, the WWF Bankable Nature Solutions division has recently launched the publication – Bankable Nature Solutions: Blueprints from across the globe…to help our living planet to thrive .

It serves as an introduction to Bankable Nature Solutions and presents 13 case studies that offer different solutions that generate a financial return and have a positive impact on nature and climate. The case studies cover water & sanitation, forestry, climate-smart agriculture, environmental protection and renewable energy in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

It aspires to show global landscape practitioners, investors and investees that Bankable Nature Solutions can be a promising solution, helping to upscale projects and to achieve more impact.

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