Dr. Shane Mc Guiness

Landscape Advisor

Dr Mc Guinness is an experienced conservation biologist with a broad diversity of sectoral expertise and knowledge. He received an MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation and PhD in Conservation Biology from Trinity College Dublin and is an elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London. Shane’s conservation experience has focussed on resolving human-wildlife conflict issues globally, whether human-gorilla conflict in Rwanda, tourism pressures in the Pyrenees, transport infrastructure in Ireland or wind energy and endangered bird ecologies. Shane has also worked on the policy and advocacy of conservation and has conducted an assessment of the policies and institutions involved in biodiversity finance for Ireland, while continuing to develop novel sources of finance to fill the biodiversity funding gap.

Beyond this, his career has spanned academic, NGO and public engagement work prior to his current position in University College Dublin. He has extensive experience in mixed methods research, group facilitation, geographical information systems and qualitative analysis. Shane is highly experienced in science education and public engagement, having coordinated a national science education programme from NUI Galway, developed education programmes for Dublin Zoo and led conservation outreach and education expeditions to the Middle East and Africa. Shane is also the Development Officer for the Community Wetlands Forum, an umbrella body established to represent the interests of communities with a stake in the wetlands of Ireland.

Shane and the Lab are working together to explore opportunities for peatlands finance in Ireland.