Florian Vernaz

Landscape Advisor

Expertise: Nature based solutions, Responsible Sourcing, Landscape planning, Business Incubation, Carbon Finance, Stakeholder engagement

Florian brings 15 years experience in responsible investment and sustainable landscape planning.

Before joining the Lab, Florian worked with leading environmental organizations and consultancies, such as the Global Green Growth Institute and Daemeter, to facilitate green investment at landscape level.

Florian notably facilitated the development of the Environmental and Social Action Plan for the first Green Landscape Bond in Southeast Asia.  He is passionate about rural development in eastern Indonesia and has assisted numerous social enterprises to build equitable market linkages for local communities, Sulawesi, Maluku, and Papua.

Florian graduated from the Copenhagen Business School in 2005, with a Masters Degree in Development Economics. He was a member the Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development.

LFL Role

At the Lab, Florian brings his expertise in landscape planning, responsible sourcing and business incubation to support landscape teams explore private sector engagement and sustainable sourcing opportunities. His role is to facilitate the integration of green investment into long-term landscape planning.