Martin Burian

Landscape Advisor (Carbon)

Expertise: Design/modeling of energy policies; Climate change; Low Carbon technologies; Carbon mitigation; GHG sector 

Being an economist by training, Martin Burian has been engaged in energy and climate-change issues since 2004. He has in-depth knowledge of the design and modeling of energy / climate policies. Martin offers outstanding conceptual capacities and quantitative skills combined with a broad technical understanding of various low-carbon technologies.

Throughout his career, Martin has advised and supported governments in their low carbon development efforts by designing carbon mitigation activities. He advised the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation by designing marginal abatement cost functions for key GHG sectors. Additionally, he advised on the design of emission trading schemes and developed levelized electricity costs models for various technologies. On behalf of the German Ministry for the Environment, he evaluated renewable energy potential, investment needs, and the mitigation potential of several renewable energy technologies for 12 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2013, Burian has been supporting the DRC government in designing its FCPF program, including an investment and financing plan.

LFL Role
Martin works on identifying and designing carbon strategies within Landscape programmes.