Raphaele Deau

Landscape Co-ordinator

Expertise: Nature based solutions, Landscape approach, Landscape Finance, Carbon Finance, Business and Biodiversity, Multistakeholder engagement, Green Growth

Raphaele comes to the Lab with specific expertise on sustainable value chains and green growth development. She has extensive experience in the Mekong region, and a strong track record in bringing together private companies, environmental NGOs and government agencies to collaborate on landscape approach, low carbon development, responsible financial investments and Natural Capital Valuation.

At WWF, Raphaele is currently working for the DFCD program in Africa and in Asia, advising landscapes on multi stakeholder platforms, governance, landscape finance and monitoring and evaluation systems. She was previously the Lab Market Lead, helping businesses defining their roles and responsibilities in WWF flagship landscape programs. She also was the Coordinator of the ‘Impact in the Forests’ report, a Lab intelligence report that sets recommendations to accelerate deforestation-free businesses.

While living in Asia for 15 years, Raphaele worked on the co-benefits of carbon finance, with social enterprise projects giving access to clean energy and water for all. Twenty years ago, Raphaele started her career in the cultural diplomacy.

LFL Role
At the Lab, Raphaele shares her strategic and technical skills to support landscapes teams explore private sector engagement and sustainable sourcing opportunities. Her role is to incubate and accelerate climate resilient supply chain schemes that, by their scale, can facilitate access to untapped climate finance.