Sarah Forrester-Wilson

Lab Advisor

Sarah Forrester-Wilson. UK/Brazil

Sarah is an experienced process designer, facilitator and Sustainability Consultant. She has worked with systems change and complexity issues for over nine years in a widely international setting. She has a passion for systemic transformation that works on all levels of the I, we and it, and is a strong advocate for interventions that address not only the cognitive realm, but also that of the somatic and the spiritual. She has worked as an independent consultant, providing contextually crafted support for organisations working in both social and environmental justice and has a particular interest when working with groups where both the social and the environmental intersect. She is a passionate facilitator and a strong believer for co-creative, participatory methods that build capacity amongst the participants. Sarah has been working in Lab design for the past five years and deeply believes in the Landscape Lab approach as a way of creating long-term ecological and social resilience across the whole system. Sarah is from the UK living in Bahia, Brazil with her partner.